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Strawberry & Cream Slim Laser in Bethlehem, PA

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A revolution in pain-free, non-invasive inch loss, the Strawberry and Cream Laser Lipo breaks down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, releasing them via the channels in the cell membranes. The process of fatty acid release is how the body uses the stored energy reserves, thus making this treatment a natural process.

Non-Invasive Body Contouring

The Strawberry and Cream low-level laser shrinks the adipocyte cells. In addition, this process will not harm surrounding structures, vessels, or nerves. The expelled fat and fluids are released into the interstitial space and transported thru the body's lymphatic system. Directly after your 20 minute treatment you will use a vibration machine to help flush out the expelled fat. It is highly recommended that physical exercise follow to ensure the disposal of the fat efficiently and preventing re-absorption. Proper nutrition and exercise will both enhance results and prolong them long-term. The Strawberry and Cream Laser does not destroy cells and can be used anywhere you want to get rid of fat. The process shrinks cells, causing inch loss in a more natural, painless, non-invasive approach.

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